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“I used to struggle with cold sores for days and weeks. Until I discovered the benefits of mānuka.”

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“I used to struggle with cold sores for days and weeks. Unitl I discovered the benefits of mānuka.”

“Since I discovered mānuka, I haven’t had an outbreak
I couldn’t contain.”

Battling cold sores on the lip since a young age, nothing seemed to help, until discovering mānuka years later. Since then, there wasn’t a single outbreak that couldn’t be contained within a day.

“I started applying mānuka to soar throats, tough wounds, and other things.”

Years of being your own best patient, you learn which concentration of MGO works best. To fully understand the health benefits of mānuka, speaking with doctors, and reading medical journals, is invaluable.

“No product was right for me. So I created the products I wish I had back then.”

MAHŌNI was founded in 2019 to create the perfect mānuka products that were always missing: easy to apply, precisely concentrated, backed by the relevant research. Finally, everyone can have the correct mānuka with them, whenever needed.

i care about providing naturally effective products.
Backed by science, and safe for your health.

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MAHŌNI and the māori culture

About the maōri

The discovery of alternative uses for mānuka dates back to the Māori. The Māori are native to New Zealand, the home of the mānuka tree. The Māori traditionally used mānuka leaves to treat stomach and urinary problems. The gum from the tree was used to ease burns and treat coughs. The Māori found an incredible number of uses for this plant – far beyond today’s uses.

Mānuka honey traditionally kept the Māori healthy and strong. This is what mānuka means to MAHŌNI, and what it means to express: strength, vitality, courage. A feeling of immortality in everyday life.

Mahōni Throat Stomach Intestines


MAHŌNI is supportive of Māori values, and wishes to reflect this, without being indigenous to New Zealand. MAHŌNI wants to add to the dialogue and honor the heritage of mānuka.

The ta moko (tattoo) and haka (facial expression) in the MAHŌNI design are sacred Māori symbols. Māori have a distinct, proud expression of their culture. This confidence and strength is what MAHŌNI should convey to anyone who comes across it.



Why we’re here

clearer skin, healthier bowel and greater wellbeing

We want to help men and women all over the world to clearer skin, healthier bowel and greater wellbeing. A cold sore shouldn’t interfere with anyone’s day again.

mānuka as a scientifically researched remedy

We want to contribute to broad awareness for mānuka as a scientifically researched remedy, that is safe to use, and highly effective.

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