Take care of blemished areas on your lips and skin. A great staple for your travel bag during blemish-prone days.

  • 100% mānuka honey
  • 600 MGO certified
  • perfect for Lips & skin
  • 15ml


€ 326,67 / 100 ml

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600 mg/kilo




15 ml


Acute needs


Lips & skin


Product description

Always feel confident leaving the house on blemished days: This is a lip & skincare travel essential. It nurtures your lips and skin through the high concentrations of Methylglyoxal (C3H4O2). Perfect for acute irritations.

This precious 600 MGO honey comes in a super practical slim tube, that let’s you easily apply the honey with your finger to your lips and skin. This way, the honey in the tube remains sanitary and hygienic. We recommend leaving the mānuka on as long as possible, to allow its effects to unfold.

Convenient, and small, you can fit it in your jeans pocket or handbag. A reliable helper in need! A great staple for your travel bag during blemish-prone days.

For centuries, the native Māori of New Zealand have applied mānuka honey to their lips, face, throat, stomach and intestines. Now you can too! And it’s backed by science.

  • MGO certified & tested (view certificates here)
  • 15ml skin & lipcare
  • Ingredients: Mānuka honey
  • No additives
  • Product of New Zealand
  • Suitable for babies over 12 months
  • Store at room temperature (18-25°C)
  • Keep away from sun

Did you know?

One of the most common sources of blemishes and skin problems is bacteria. Bacteria feeds off of the grease on your skin, and this can cause inflammation.

For a natural treatment of problematic skin, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities in mānuka honey can help to maintain a normal skin.

Will MAHŌNI really work for me?

Mānuka has been applied by the indigenous Māori of New Zealand for centuries.It worked wonders on burns, coughs, and stomach problems. This is why the incredibly high levels of Methylglyoxal in mānuka have been at the center of clinical trials worldwide. Learn more here. 

MAHŌNI is rooted in years of experience and incredible results with mānuka. Read Viola’s story here. Feel free to contact us, if you have questions or hesitations.

4 reviews for SKIN & LIPS

  1. Sina (verified customer)

    Mahoni helped my neurodermatitis enormously. It stopped the itching right away and started to heal beautifully. I couldn’t live without it anymore!

  2. Joel (verified customer)

    Thank you, thank you , thank you! Finally something for my cold sore. Plus it tastes good.

  3. Irene (verified customer)

    Manuka Honig endlich in einer kleinen Verpackung. Perfekt für die Handtasche , kein Honig der auslaufen kann.

  4. Marisa (verified customer)

    Finally Manuka in travel size! Perfect for on the go, whenever ever I have a blemish

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